Welcome to the Middlebury Chemistry & Biochemistry American Chemical Society Student Chapter.

Purposes of the Middlebury ACS

  1. To raise awareness and interest in chemistry on campus through demonstrations and community outreach.
  2. To create a community with those who share an interest in chemistry through mentorship and involvement with the national American Chemical Society

Board Members

Gilly Moore ’20

Sarah Kotin ’20

Hamilton Evans ’20

Cole Easton ’20

Skylar Diamandis ’22

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, I am writing to you representing the Outreach Team for the March for Science-VT group. Our goal is to spread awareness about a March for Science April 22. Is there an email address or contact person for this organization that would be able to then further spread the word to your fans and members? We will be sending email blasts to various groups and businesses and educational institutions regarding basic info about the March. Can I add someone from this organization to our Contact List?
    Thank you!
    Laurel Sturner

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